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Would you like to involve your class, youth group, or corporate group in the personal exploration of Ancient Rome? Our interactive living history members will be happy to visit you and demonstrate the life and times of Roman soldiers and citizens. Help history come to life at your school, church or event, and make an impression that will last a lifetime!


Hershey's History is pleased to provide a fun, entertaining, and educational presentation for your school, classroom, youth group, or even social event!


Our visits are designed to enhance your current History curriculum, to study the importance and impact of the Ancient Romans, and to learn about their way of life, and their effect on the people they encountered and conquered. We achieve this by allowing the group to see, touch, smell and wear a wide range of period artifacts--both real and reproduction, and through engaging the individuals in discussions, games and demonstrations of various period activities. Our reenactors are not simply entertainers, but well-educated individuals and historians, thoroughly knowledgeable in their field.


"I found out a lot from your visit. My favorite part was when we got to hold and wear your armor. I enjoyed finding out more about the Romans especially because somebody was telling us about them and we didn't have to find out from books..." ~WI Student


A visit from a "real" Roman soldier is an experience that most children AND adults enjoy immensely, and few forget. There are many opportunities for enhancing the curriculum and for promoting follow up work.

Hershey's History specializes in school talks for children. These normally last 1 to 2 class periods, and are tailored to the requirements of the individual school or organization. Classes and groups of up to 100 people and all grades from elementary to high school can be catered to, although the smaller the numbers, the more opportunities individuals have to gain hands-on experience of Roman military and civilian life.


Experience History With All of Your Senses


Hershey's History speakers arrive fully attired with museum quality weapons and equipment and in role. Presentations could include interactive discussions of a soldier's life, dress, weapons and equipment; battle tactics, including a battle line of students; civilian life, food, religion and anything else the school requires!


Bringing in Antistia, our Roman lady provides another dimension to your presentation. She has an large Ancient Musical instrument collection to demonstrate with students, and talk about music and instruments from around the Ancient World. She can also do Ancient cooking demonstrations, discuss fashion, daily life for women and children, fun games and more!


Questions are encouraged and time usually set aside at the end to meet the children personally and allow them to try on helmets, etc. under supervision. We even have a small travelling museum of Ancient artifacts and museum quality replicas. Incidentally, we are very attentive to safety issues and the weapons themselves are always handled with the greatest possible care.

If you would like to invite one or both of our visiting speakers, please either contact us through our site or call and we will be happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you!