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Summary of Services

These are some of the personal services that I offer to the public all in the goal of creating a richer experience through the Hershey’s History website.  Since my site deals with a wide array of historical topics, I think it would be easier for you to see just what I offer in the form of subject material.

Living History Interactive Demonstration


Something that I am passionate about is the study and exposition on the life of a Roman soldier in Rome’s vaunted 14th Legion, during the 1st–3rd centuries A.D. In this situation, you can hire me to arrive at your church, performing arts Center, classroom or conference center, and give a discussion on the equipment recruitment and composition of the Roman legions during the first two centuries A.D. as well as their impact on Western civilization.  I will bring my full armor, weapons and other related articles, and will display my soldiers to gear also provide a greater educational experience.


Because my wife and I often work together for these types of presentations, and often people enjoy seeing some of the female perspective represented, as well as the various unique demonstrations she has available, you can also hire us together as an additional option for an even richer historical experience for your group or organization. Learn more >>


Mobile Historian Lecturer

Much like the living history demonstration, I will arrive at your church, school, performing arts Center or conference center, but dressed in modern attire.  As a mobile lecturer, I speak in a wider array of topics than simply those of the Roman soldier stated above.  Maybe you would like to to learn more about the Ancient enemies, like those troublesome barbarians outside the Roman Empire…or the importance of Israel and the Middle East to the Roman economy.  You may even choose an entirely different historical topic such as Ancient Israel, Assyria, Babylon or the Persian Empire.  The importance of books and writing in the Middle Ages, or why we call that time in history the Dark Ages.  You may also want to consider a discussion on how the discovery of the Americas impacted Europe in the late 15th–16th century.  Please see my Hiring page for a listing of some of the topics that I offer.

Online Webinar (single or package)


Hersehy’s History offers engaging onsite presentations as well as free, live webinars aimed at helping educators and individuals integrate technology more effectively in the classroom, or enhance your Bible Study. You can hire me me for an online webinar on a variety of history topics. Sessions typically include audio and PowerPoint presentations, and usually integrate a live video feed of the presenter. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and discuss topics presented. Sessions are recorded for later playback. To view some of our previously recorded webinars, please keep an eye on our news and events section or my blog.

Vlog and Blog


You may have heard of or read my blog, but I also have a Vlog (or video blog), interspersed with my regular blogs. This is your opportunity to tune in to my website and watch me as I discuss the historical topic for that week.  I also use this opportunity to do a bit of a Q&A time where you the viewer can e-mail me with your questions concerning a Vlog topic.


Block Course Teaching


Block Course Training is more oriented to a classroom situation and these are often two to four week long courses in particular topics of history that give you an opportunity to brush up on an area that gave you trouble during the normal school year.  Unlike the online tutorial, these sessions are carried out in a classroom setting, with the possibility that more than one student at a time will participate and possibly the neccessity of course texts required by the hiring institution or organization. Please contact me for hiring information or to schedule a block course training. Please feel free to view my online Curriculum Vitae for more information about my experience and qualifications.