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Below you will find several helpful links for various vendors, information about Roman reenacting, and so much more. If you would like to request that a link be added, or if you have noticed one of the links below is broken, please contact our webmaster.

Suggested Reading for Reenactors and Roman Enthusiasts

Roman Soldier Military E-Text Guides

Legion XX Handbook for Roman Legions- One of the best beginner guides available.
Online Medieval/Classical Resource Library
APIS - Advanced Papyrologi
Vegetius: De Re Militari
Vegetius-English translation
Legion XX Guidelines for Auxiliary Clothing
Roman Army Drill Manual
Roman Battle Tactics
Modifying the Depeeka Pugio Hilt
Mos Maiorum-pdf file format. Excellent e-text about everything you need to know to get started. A great source to download, print and refer to often, but beware some of the extremism that we may or may not support with this legion. If there is a conflict with the Legion XX handbook, go with the Legion XX form.

Forum and Discussion Groups
ROMARCH-Roman art & archaeology discussions
Roman 14th Legion Blog-a personal blog relating to our legion posted by one of our members.
Julio Claudian Iconographic Association-yahoo group of recent and not so recently discovered images pertaining to the Julio Claudian Dynasty.
Sally Pointer & Gareth Riseborough - blog and reenactor research. Their store is wonderful as well and do custom requests in metals.
Roman Gear and Product Vendors
HR Replikate-VERY high quality, though costly, authentic gear from Europe
Clang Armoury- belt parts
Historic Enterprises - Historical games
Musica Romana of Germany (a recreation of ancient Roman instruments and sounds)
LUDI SCAENICI-Dedicated to authentic replication of ancient musical sounds; a UK site, but will ship to US.
Armamentaria- a favorite place to buy soldier and citizen accessories and gear.
Sally - Reenactor out of England who makes amazing Roman replicas of unique and hard to find items for soldiers and civilians, including children's toys, and cosmetics!
*Aurora History Boutique - Roman Legion Store. Double check before purchasing.
Creative History - (from England) Many of the items we sell are made from natural materials with differing grains and textures. Just like the originals, most items are individually handmade and hence design variations may occur.
S-T Leather- source for leather and leather tools. You can purchase goat skins for your loculus and other items. Reasonable prices and good customer service.
Par Fabrica- inexpensive solae and caligae custom made!
Hector Smith - Master Arrowsmith and Archaeology Iron Worker
C&D Jarnagin Company-Will make madder red 100% wool or linen tunics for $65! Call or email Carolyn
MJ Cahn Co - Excellent linens, very inexpensive, including white and heavy natural Belgian.  Also wools.  Ten or 20 yard minimum.  Ask for samples of what you are interested in.
Period Fabric - Offers a wide variety of authentic, period fabrics. They currently have many fabric types available, including Cottons, Wools, Linens, Blends, Tent Canvas and Oil Cloth. Some of their fabrics are available in a variety of widths, colors, patterns and weights. (Has some good selection for wool that can be purchased by the yard from $10-12 (prices may vary)/yd.)
Renaissance Fabrics - They specialize in wool, silk, linen, and cotton fabrics for historical costumers. (Watch for blends, but they do carry 100% linen and 100% wool in the brick red. You can also ask for swatches, and ask your legion commander for help. Approx. $10/$18/yd.)
Ancient Resources - Ancient artifacts for sale from muliple locations around the ancient world. - Great site for a variety of hard to find replicas of Ancient Roman items. UK based and super addictive!
The Silent Press - Get ready to drool over some of these beautiful pieces of buckles, jewelry and other metal work from various historical periods.
Astor Versand - German based vendor.  Have a fantastic leather helmet liner that breathes well, and some great child size gear, among some of the usual faves and parts.
Get Dressed for Battle - Some unusual table ware from here I haven't come across elsewhere.]
Clang Armoury - Get  your armor bits and pieces here...
**Kult of Athena -  is a major USA-based retailer of swords and other Ancient and Medieval weapons manufactured by a number of companies. Great prices and selection, and excellent customer service! (DE) Astor Versand: online shop offering reenactment supplies from the Ancient and Medieval periods. (US) Edge Fair is your direct source for the full line of products from CAS Hanwei; including Rock Creek Knives, GDFB, and Hanwei. In addition Edge Fair carries a line of exclusive items direct from Hanwei. (UK) Medieval Arms offers re-enactment supplies for various historic periods (the full Deepeeka catalogue). (AU) Global Gear: swords, knives, armour and accessories: movie and historic replicas. Dealer of many international brands, including Hanwei and Windlass Steelcrafts. (FR) ARMAE is a French company, created in 2002 initially for selling copies of Roman and Greek weapons and armours. It later extended its range to the Medieval, Renaissance and Napoleonic periods. ARMAE is the French Deepeeka distributor. The company delivers internationally as well. (ES) Prima Cohors is a supplier of Roman reenactment equipment for the Spanish market. (AU) Cutting Edge Cutlery enjoys a great reputation in the fields of both martial arts and historical weaponry. They represent manufacturers and items of superior quality, and are the exclusive agents in Australia and New Zealand for well-respected brands Last Legend, Dynasty Forge, Generation 2 and Darkwood Armory. (AU) Esford supplies authentically hand crafted items including swords, daggers, helmets, maille, armour and various accessories that span many eras and interests. It is the regional distributors for Deepeeka Exports in Australia and New Zealand. (US) Strongblade is an online source for swords, helmets, replica weapons, LARP foam products, jewellery, fantasy gifts, medieval clothing, costumes and much more. (UK) Blades UK are an experienced UK sword manufacturer, importer/retailer and wholesaler who have been trading online since 2000. (UK) Medieval Weaponry: retailer of historical (mainly medieval) weapons and accessories. (DE) Der Roemer Shop: online shop of replica Roman artefacts. (US) Ideal Armor offers a wide variety of armor and related products. The company strives to offer the highest quality in hand finished armor while remaining truthful to the original pieces preserved in museums and private collections around the world. (CA) Reliks has offered Windlass Steelcrafts battle ready swords and Paul Chen CAS/Hanwei Japanese swords online since 2000. They supply martial arts equipment, re-enactment and stage swords, medieval weapons, armor, a full line of everyday knives, folding knives, tactical and survival knives, cooking knives and period clothing for those who live by the sword as well as a wide selection of quality museum replicas and relics for creating a medieval decor in your home. (ES) Armillum - Armillum's soul is Jorge Mambrilla: craftsman and crazy about Rome's history. Something that begun as a hobby became an actual job: Rome's history reconstructor. In his workshop in Barcelona, Spain, Jorge works on leather, wood, metal... all that is needed to reconstruct a pair of caligae as they were in the real life, a shield as it was used by the legionaries in their battles, a belt, essential piece of the legionary uniform... but that is not all. Jorge has found other craftsmen, crazy like him about Rome's history, that in different parts of the world manufacture those products that help to complete the great product portfolio of Armillum. (CZ) Wulflund - online shop specialising in "unconventional" goods for end-users and wholesalers: equipment for historical swordplay, LARP (Live Action Role-Playing Game), ancient and medieval items (La Tene Iron Age culture, Celtic, Roman, Slavic, Viking etc.) (IN) Daniyal Steel Crafts manufacture a large variety of re-enactment items: arms, armour, footwear, tents and accessories. They sell wholesale or through international dealers. (UK) Daegrad Tools: Anglo-saxon, Viking, Roman and Medieval period reenactment tools and equipment. (AU) Talerwin Forge is a blacksmithing business situated just outside of the historic town of Rylstone, New South Wales, Australia. They are the people you call when no one else can make what you want! They specialise in the custom reproduction of historical arms, armour and domestic items. (DE) Roman Glass Makers specialise in researching the techniques involved in making Roman glass vessels, and in reproducing Roman glass using fusing and slumping, mould-blowing and free-blowing techniques. (IT) Alexander's Ancient Rome Rings and Jewels: Roman jewellery by Alessandro Cannilla: rings, pendants, brooches and bracelets. (UK) Knives By Nick: hand-forged historic weapons for the re-enacter or collector seeking historically and archeologically correct items, by fifth-generation blacksmith Nick Johnson in the UK. (US) Odin Blades: custom-made swords and knives of high quality. (PL) Thorkil is the web site of Grzegorz Kulig in Poland, who makes historical (Dark Ages and Medieval) knives, armour and helmets for re-enactors and collectors, as well as for museums. (IT) Del Tin manufacture accurate high quality reproductions of selected old weapons and armour. Since 1965 they have analysed a great number of pieces typically found in museums and private collections and perfectly reproduced them. The idea is to manufacture accurate replicas which in no way should be inferior in quality to their originals. (IN) Windlass Steelcrafts has been manufacturing high quality weapons and handicrafts since its inception in 1943. Its founder set up this manufacturing plant to supply the British Gurkha regiments with Kukris, their main sidearm weapon. They now export to all continents and have outfitted many armies of the world, provided props to the biggest Hollywood productions, designed and manufactured licensed replicas for many top collectible companies and have continued to create products that are both fully functional weapons and works of art. They sell wholesale, through international dealers or their own subsidiary Museum Replicas. (DE) Frisivs-F: reconstructions of Roman artefacts, with an online shop. (IN) Al-Hamdd Trading Post: historically correct replicas of war artefacts based on the findings preserved in museums or private collections. (UK) Saddler’s Den provides bespoke saddlery and leatherwork items handmade in their own workshop. For Roman re-enactment, they make horse saddles, caligae, water bottles and bags. The Roman Shop - Experience history first hand and learn playfully – modern museum education, school history lessons and exciting re-enactment are based on these concepts. Celtic Web Merchant -  an international supplier of historical reproductions and replicas. Our goal is to make historical replicas accessible for everyone in a reliable and socially responsible way. We offer a diverse assortment which enables the costumer to choose from a large variety of products from different price ranges. Bible and Science Shop - The goals of the Institute are to educate people about the Bible, to educate people about science, and to continually research the Bible and science. Historic Connections - a large range of interactive Archaeology & Ancient History products for sale.