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Why You Should Hire A Historian



History becomes real and relevant again when you spice it up with a historian or historical character. Bring your next event, gathering, service, or seminar back in time when you hire a historical character or hire a reenactor to speak. We offer authentically dressed characters from the 1st through 3rd century Ancient Rome. Whether you want a special speaker to demonstrate the life and times of Ancient Rome, interact with your group to promote a special event, or entertain and educate your audience, Hershey’s History offers a variety of entertaining and educational options from which you can choose.

I hold a Masters Degree in Classical History and Bachelor Degrees in both History and Biblical Studies, with a minor in Greek. I have had the opportunity for numerous speaking engagements and teaching opportunities throughout the years, as well as lectured on a variety of historical topics, with over 15 years of experience. I and my wife have been active members of the Living History Ancient Roman Legion XIIII for many years, and have participated together within the Tomah community and through our church (Tomah Baptist Church) for over 14 years.

My wife, Heather, holds a Bachelors degree in English, with a minor in Music. Her teaching background and creativity lend to a dynamic and fun program for all ages of children through adults. She spearheads unique crafts and games, sings custom Romanesque style music and sing-a-longs, demonstrates several Ancient Roman musical instruments, and assists with any of the multimedia presentations.




We are pleased to provide a fun, entertaining, and educational presentation for your school, classroom, youth group, or even social event!


Our visits are designed to enhance your current history curriculum, to study the importance and impact of the Ancient Romans, and to learn about their way of life, and their impact on the people they encountered and conquered. We achieve this by allowing the group to see, touch, smell and wear a wide range of period artifacts— both real and reproduction, and through engaging the individuals in role play, games and demonstrations of various period activities. As reenactors, we are not simply entertainers, but well-educated individuals and historians, thoroughly knowledgeable in their field.


“I found out a lot from your visit. My favorite part was when we got to hold and wear your armor. I enjoyed finding out more about the Romans especially because somebody was telling us about them and we didn’t have to find out from books…”


A visit from a real looking Roman soldier is an experience that most children AND adults enjoy immensely and few forget. There are many opportunities for enhancing the curriculum and for promoting follow up work.


These sessions normally last an hour and can sometimes be tailored to the requirements of the individual school. We can work with classes and groups of up to 100 people and all grades from K5 to high school, although the smaller the numbers, the more opportunities the individuals have to gain hands-on experience of Roman military and civilian life.


The Roman soldier will enter your classroom fully attired with museum quality weapons and equipment and in role. Presentations could include discussion of a soldier’s life, dress, weapons and equipment; battle tactics, including a battle line of children; civilian life, games, food, religion and anything else the school requires! We encourage questions and usually set time aside at the end to interact with the students personally and allow them to try on helmets, etc. under supervision. Incidentally, we are very attentive to safety issues and the weapons themselves are always handled with the greatest possible care.


If you would like to invite Hershey’s History to your classroom, please either contact us through our site form, or email us and we will be happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you!

A list of several different programs can be seen below, with additional ideas on the services page. Each program lasts about 60 minutes in length, longer if requested. These presentations are ideal for all different types of groups, no matter how large or how small.


FEES: Please call to request a quote. Travel time and distance are no problem. For those events or organizations located more than 30 miles from Tomah, a mileage allowance fee is charged to offset the current price of gasoline.


We reccommend that you please try to allow for at least two to four weeks of advance booking or more, in order to provide the best scheduling options.




Hershey’s History offers some of the following popular demonstrations from which you can choose; however, you are not limited to to these options alone. Please feel free to request something different or create your own combination of options.


  • The Roman Centurion and life a Roman Soldier
  • Life and Times of a Roman Legion Soldier
  • Roman Armor and Battles Tactics
  • Whole Armour of God Demonstration (based on Ephesians 6)
  • Early Christian Life During 1st-3rd C. of Roman Empire
  • Ancient Roman Families (Including Dress, Styles, Jewelery, Activities, and more)
  • Biblical Life and Culture
  • What Happened Between the Testaments
  • Old Testament Prophets (or pick one specific prophet of focus)
  • The Impact of Islam on Ancient Western Civilization


With Heather Hershey –


  • Ancient Roman Cooking Demonstration (Group Participation or Demo Style)
  • Life of the Ancient Roman Woman
  • Ancient Roman Homes (1st-3rd C A.D.)
  • Ancient Roman Civilian Culture
  • Ancient Games for Children
  • Ancient Music and Musical Instruments
  • Music and Instruments of the Bible