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Curriculum Vitae

Educational Experience


  • Master of Arts: Ancient and Classical History, American Public University, Charlestown, WV. 2009
  • Bachelor of Arts: History as well as Bible, with Greek minor, Pillsbury Baptist Bible College, Owatonna, MN. 1999


Awards and Honors


  • 2008 Recipient of and Member of the Golden Key National Honor Society.
  • 2008 Teacher’s Choice for research paper and assistant in Medieval Europe
  • 2008 Nominated for Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society — Top 10% of Class
  • 1997 President-elect of the Concerned Collegians Society of America, focused on raising political and historical understanding in American society.
  • 1996-97 Vice President of the Concerned Collegians Society of America focused on raising political and historical understanding in American society.
  • 1995-1998 Scholarship recipient for Hall Memorial Scholarship


Thesis Abstract

Rome’s Northern Empire: A study of how the Roman Empire paved the way for the development and unification of Northern Europe in the first through fifth centuries A.D.


Further Research Interests


  • Connections of Native Americans to the lost cultures of Ancient Europe;
  • Ancient Israel’s role in the rebirth of Ancient Greece and Western Europe following the end of the Bronze Age;
  • The economic and political impact of Syria on the Roman Empire;
  • The Ecclesiastical History of Syria;
  • History of the Christian Church in North Africa from the second through eighth centuries A.D. The impact of the Roman Navy on trade, commerce and defense of Western Europe;


Research Experience:


The extent of my academic research spans the better part of 22 years.  From the time I was on upperclassman in high school then through my college years and my graduate studies, and all the time in between my academic forays, I have tirelessly sought to understand the workings of history and in particular, the Ancient and Classical branches of the field.

All term papers and essays that I have ever written, required a field of knowledge derived from years of research, as well as the knowledge that I have retained throughout those years of research.

Publications In Progress


  • Bordering on Disaster– Why America needs stronger border security and how it can be achieved through understanding and compare/contrast of Hadrian’s Wall. In final writing and submission stage
  • Promised Kingdom– How the Israelite kingdom of David and Solomon began the revival of Western civilization and internally unified the states of the Syrian land bridge. In submission stage
  • The Price of Victory– Re-examining the events and aftermath of the Battle of Adrianople. In submission stage
  • Rome’s Northern Empire– A study of how the Roman Empire aided in the development and unification of Northern Europe.


Community Service


Currently, I serve as a deacon at Tomah Baptist Church where I attend in my community.  I’ve been activily involved with a youth outreach program to the elderly in the Tomah area.  This involves a program of assistance to elderly persons who for basic maintenance services in their living area such as snow removal leaf raking and other tasks of like manner.  I have also worked closely with several physical handicapped support services in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Through my church, I also have the privilege of forming another branch of Hershey’s History in a ministry outreach capacity to area churches and schools. My family serves with me in this outreach called Castra Ministries. To learn more about Castra Ministries, please visit our page on the church site.

Additional Affiliations


Beyond the aforementioned academic memberships, I also belong to the Legion XIV living history and reenactment organization.  It is committed to raising community awareness for one of history’s most vital units (the Roman army) and its operations and organization.