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Learn About Our Team

Salvé! (Greetings!) My name is Colden Hershey, and I am passionate about the study of Ancient History, and the life of a Roman soldier during the 1st–3rd centuries A.D. You can request us to arrive at your school, classroom, or event to give an interactive and dynamic presentation. I present a variety of topics from a historical perspective of the life and times of early Romans, as well as the Roman legions who occupied the area during that time. I can arrive for the presentation in full armor, with weapons and other related articles of the period to display with my soldier’s gear for a greater educational experience. My wife has developed an amazing collection of Ancient musical instruments as well. We can offer a full hands on display for our audience to engage with all their senses in order to bring History to life in a unique way.


Because my wife, Heather, and I often work together for these types of presentations, people can enjoy seeing the female perspective represented, and the various unique demonstrations she has available. You can also request one of our joint presentations for an even richer historical experience for your group or organization. Heather also works great with children’s programs and activities including crafts, games and music.


I hold a Masters degree in Ancient/Classical History, a Bachelors degrees in History and in Biblical Studies, with a minor in New Testament Greek. My wife carries a Bachelors in English Education and minor in Music. She is a full time website and graphic designer for over 20 years, owner of her business, Alpha Web Solutions, LLC.


To learn more, please feel free to contact us.