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Learn the latest news of recent archaeological discoveries or proclaiming the latest historical event such as a Centennial, or a Declaration of Independence. Some of the topics in our latest news section will provide opportunities for further discussion on my main blog discussions, (so keep an eye on this blog section) and remember the events are fair game for online inquiries. Discover More


In this section you will find different questions from history that you can try to answer. The goal is to challenge your mind and get you to search for the information. Some questions may be easier than others, but all of them have a purpose of expanding your historical insight. We may even offer prizes for some of these at times! Check it out!




Welcome to Hershey's History website—where we don't just talk about history, we live it! We are a family oriented website that pursues the education and understanding of history. Like my armor? You might ask, is your site just about Roman history? The answer is, "No!" Hershey's History website is committed to the study and exposition of history from circa 2000 B.C.–1500 A.D.; however, this is not to say we would not talk about things outside of that time frame as occasion warranted. Basically, this site is about making applications between the events of the past and those that we experienced in our everyday lives—whether personally or through the media, and to give you a clearer picture of what you get when you hire me to speak at your church, school or event.

Above and to the left you will see a picture of me wearing Roman armor, because one of the services I provide is an interactive public demonstration of the life of a Roman soldier. I have always had a lot of fun doing this, and children of all ages find themselves drawn to the relistic depiction of someone stepping out of the pages of a history book or their Bible and demonstrating the life lived by a historical figure from long ago. Learn More Here >>


I do not just exist on the web — I offer my services as a seminar speaker discussing the different topics of history or demonstrator of various historical topics. You can also hire me as a historical character or hire a reenactor from Ancient Rome. Using a mix of modern multimedia as well as reproduction examples, I help the audience draw connections between the historical events of the past with some current issues.

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